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    Post  Satoru on Fri May 29, 2009 1:32 pm

    Xiah Junsu

    Stage Name?: XIAH | Xiah JunSu (김준수)
    Real Name: Kim Jun Su
    Birth date: December 15, 1986, though his parents registered him on January 1, 1987
    Birthplace: Gyeonggi
    Height: 178 cm
    Weight: 63 kg

    Blood Type : B

    Hobbies : Playing games, piano and soccer
    Speciality : Singing and Dancing

    Position : Top Baritone

    100 Things About Xiah
    01) Name: Kim Junsu a.k.a Xiah
    02) DOB: December 15th, 1986 (so the truth comes out..stupid SM)
    03) Nicknames: Borisu, Chicken...etc...
    04) Bad habits: I clench my jaw a lot.
    05) Religion: Christian
    06) Fav. Quote: Give my all to things I'm working on.
    07) Bloodtype: B
    08) Height/Weight/Shoe Size: 170 cm, 49 kg, 265 mm.
    09) Family: Dad, Mom, Hyung, and Me
    10) School: Neung Gok MS.
    11) Hobbies: Piano, singing, dancing...etc...
    12) Specialties: Singing, arguing with Hyukjae.
    13) Sleeping Habits: Using my arm as a pillow.
    14) Something good about myself: Everything, I'm too perfect.
    15) What I think of myself: Perfection.
    16) Fav. number: 2
    17) Fav. Season: Autumn
    18) Fav. Food: Almost everything.
    19) Least Fav. Food: Most of the things Hyukjae likes to eat.
    20) Fav. Singers/Celebs: Kangta, N'SYNC
    21) Fav. Sport: Everything, especially soccer. (But the kids don't let me play with them)
    22) Fav. Flower: Pumpkin flower
    23) Fav. Colors: Blue, Purple.
    24) Thing I do to pass time: Play computer games.
    25) Places I go most often (excluding home): SM, School. library, book stores...
    26) Most confident thing I can cook: Ramen
    27) Songs I like these days: Polaris- Kangta.
    28) What do you prefer: coffee, milk, soda: I don't like them all, but from that list: soda.
    29) Most important being in my life: Myself...
    30) Person I like least: Hyukjae
    31) Kinds of people I detest: In one word: LEE. HYUK. JAE!!!
    32) Something I'm worried about: Hyukjae keeps talking back to me.
    33) What I think I was in my past life: a prince!
    34) If I could be reborn: awoman.
    35) When I want to get married: when I'm ready and my life is all in order.
    36) What I dowhen I'm mad: Go and beat Hyukjae.
    37) Places I want to fix on my face: I'm too perfect, there's nothing to fix.
    38) My dream/goal: Singer, song writer, owner of a managing company.
    39) Dream Salary: 100000000000000000000000000000000000 won.
    40) My least liked feature: I like everything. ^0^
    41) Something that happens everyday: Hyukjae steals my clothes!
    42) I like/love someone right now: Nope!!!
    43) Jinxes: None.
    44) Something I could go back and do: Go on the stage while singing and dancing.
    45) What I most regret in my life: Not hitting Hyukjae when I had the chance.
    46) If I left a will before I die: hi!! Hyukjae!! ^0^ (TN: I have no clue what that is)
    47) Prized Posesstion: My cell phone.
    48) What I want to say to people full of themselves with Prince/Princess Syndrome: Keep going on like that and you'll die!!!
    49) My ideal mate: Someone that gives me a strong feeling.
    50) -
    51) What do you think of ladies who try and find seats when there are none in Subways or Buses: .....
    52) Do you ever want to beat a small kid: Only if they're like Hyukjae.
    53) What kind of kids scare you: bad kids.
    54) If you were to dye your hair, what color would you die it: Black.
    55) Most memorable Movie: titanic, armagedon
    56) Most memorable day during MS: First day of school.
    57) If you were to be in a drama what kind of character would you want to play: Hyukjae's older brother.
    58) When do you most not like your friend: When he talks back (ahem, Hyukjae, ahem)
    59) What do you think of guys who wear makeup: it's okay as long as they don't wear a lot.
    60) Makeup vs. No makeup on women: no makeup.
    61) favortie book (comics can be included): Slam Dunk, I read it with Hyukjae...
    62) What can you make with green onions and eggs: ramen
    63) Country I want to visit most: France, the city of love and art~
    64) If I could get any domestic animal: Dog (I want to name him Hyukgoo)
    65) Favorite song to sing at karaoke: I hate singing karaoke.
    66) Things I stress over most: my voice.
    67) Someone I want to meet the most in the world: Korea's first king.
    68) What would you do if you found 1000 dollars in the street: I'd give it to Hyukjae, aren't I sweet? ^0^
    69) Something different about it being 2001: One more year and it's world cup time baby!
    70) Do you believe in ghosts: Yeah, no wait, no I don't.
    71) -
    72) Do you think there's a time in your life when you can be happy anywhere and anytime: YES!
    73) Do you sleep over at people's house a lot: Not really.
    74) Something I need right now: Synthesizer, things I can compose music with.
    76) What game am I best at: Anything, Hyukjae always loses to me.
    77) What would you say to someone who's about to die: BYE!!
    78) When did you ever feel like cursing yourself?: When I lost an arguement to Hyukjae.
    79) What do you do when you can't fall asleep: I just stay awake, what else can I do.
    80) What would you do if you were walking and you farted when it was a quiet: God, Hyukjae that's nasty!
    82) Good/bad thing about our country: Hyukjae.
    83) Foreign language I want to learn: Japenese.
    84) My complex: My voice sounds like Park Kyunglim's.
    85) What is there you want to do: I've done everything I want, so nothing!
    86) Do you find anything wrong with your face or personailty: Nope!
    87) What I do when I'm stressed: Beat Hyukjae
    88) Have you ever wanted to commit suicide: Nope, that's bad.
    89) What kind of teacher do you hate: Any teacher that's like Hyukjae.
    90) Who's a person who gave you the most hope etc: Duhkhyun hyung. I miss you!
    91) What would you do if someone grabbed your things and started running: I'd made Hyukjae run after it for me.
    92) What would you do if you saw a pervert on the street: I'm used to perverts cause my bestfriend is one.
    93) What I think of losers/outcasts: I hate the word.
    94) -
    95) Are you willing to live your life to the fullest: YES SIR!!!
    96) Rain, Snow, Sunshine, Cloudy, Windy which do you prefer: Sunshine!!
    97) Have you ever been attracted to someone you've chatted to online: No.
    98) What you want to say to your friends: I'm finally done answering 100 Q's!!
    99) Future plans: Living life to the fullest.
    100) You've finished! How do you feel: GOOD!!

    If you have more info about Junsu,you may post in here.Please don't spamming in this thread D<

    *Eternal Lover Edit* Please do NOT post any FALSE information here. Do not start a rumor or make up your own "information" about DBSK. It would also be really helpful if you could provide the link or website you got the Information from. Thank you
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    Junsu's mom is a former Miss Korea. Wink

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    The father of the year – Junsu’s dad
    source: Click here

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