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    Post  Satoru on Fri May 29, 2009 4:16 am

    1.Don't copy any your member fanfic work

    2.Name you thread [Ongoing]FanFic Tittle (member) ex. [Ongoing]Somewhere You Go (Junsu)

    3.Use [Ongoing] not [ONGOING],[On going] etc.

    4.At the beginning of your post write following (use the same form):
    Title: Fanfic title
    Member/Pairing: Name of the member or pairing
    Author: Your username

    5.Don't use graphics or character lines that stretch the layout.

    6.After you post your fanfic pm me (Satoru) with a subject tittle 'Ongoing'

    7.After you complete your fanfic pm me (Satoru) with a subject tittle 'Complete' and i will close your thread.

    8.When you read fanfics leave a comment. Even short "Thank you" is very welcome, though real feedback is even better. It doesn't take long to reply - think about the amount of time author has spent writing the fanfic.

    Happy reading/writing!

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